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der FabKit Lasercutter wird leider nicht mehr im Oktober geliefert. Unser Händler hat in der weitergeleiteten Mail ausführlich erklärt, dass es in China zu Lieferschwierigkeiten kam und er mit einem Abschluss Mitte November rechnet.

Es gibt aber auch schon Verbesserungen am FabKit, z.B. eine Sicherheitssperre und verbesserte Verkabelung.

Also nochmals gedulden und die Zeit nutzen.


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From: The FabCreator Team <sales@fabcreator.com>
Subject: Fabkit Mk5 delivery update
Date: 7. October 2017 at 22:22:44 GMT+2
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Reply-To: The FabCreator Team <sales@fabcreator.com>

Delivery Update

Hi all, 

We have been hard at work preparing all the components which go together to make a FabKit! Most of the work so far has gone as planned, however some parts are taking longer than we initially expected. Sadly we have no choice but announce a delay:

Unfortunately the chillers missed their boat due to a miscommunication at the docks in China. They will now be arriving in Rotterdam at the end of October and should be with us the first week of November. This would originally not have been a big issue as we could have started shipping the FabKits before the chillers arrived, allowing you to get a head start on assembling the machine.

However, unfortunately we have just been informed of a few other critical components which are now experiencing delays.

  • The custom milled components are running a little late. This is due to the national holidays in China during October.
  • The mini computer which we use to run laserweb on the Fabkit making it completely standalone has experienced some delays. This mini computer has been on back order for the last few months, with new units shipping in October. They should be shipping soon, but I am still waiting for confirmation.  
  • IGUS who supply the cable chains are currently experiencing a high level of orders which means their usual 24-48 hours shipment has been changed to 1-2 weeks
  • The BOFA filter units are running 2 weeks behind schedule as they are also experiencing a high level of orders.
Apart from the above, all other components have already arrived or will be arriving as scheduled.

We are now looking at delivery date mid-November. This would cover all of the delays we are currently dealing with.

Now for something more uplifting, it is time to show off a few of the exciting new features you will find in your FabKit Mk5!

The electronics have had an overhaul:

  • The Z axis motor has been moved inside the electronics compartment to make more space inside the FabKit and reduce the cable routing.
  • The 5V and 24V power supplies are now from Meanwell. 
  • We have created a custom interlock board (see below).
  • Addition of a Speed controller for controlling the extraction. 
  • New labelling system for simple and efficient set up and trouble shooting.
  • New DIN rail and components which are simpler and cleaner.

A new custom safety interlock circuit:

This new board has been specifically designed not only to make installation of the electronics simpler but also adds some new features.
  • No need to worry about forgetting turn the chiller on! The chiller is now connected to the interlock circuit, meaning it will not fire without the chiller running.
  • Full stop when the door opens; when the laser is operational, opening the door will now not only turn the laser off but it will also abort the current job, sending the machine into alarm state. This will only happen when the laser is enabled so you will still be able to jog the laser head with the door open to set up your job.

New cable labels:

After multiple tests with various cable marking and labelling solutions, we have now settled on a system which lets us print on heat shrink material. This creates a very clear, clean and durable solution. 

New information labels:

The FabKit now has various warning labels, drawing attention to possible hazards and other useful information.
A label on the back of the FabKit displays useful information,
including labelling of the various connectors 
A top label provides a helpful checklist, and clearly explains the indicators.

Compressor enclosure

One of the reasons that the FabKit is able to cut so well is due to its small yet powerful compressor. Unfortunately it is rather loud.

To get around the noise problem we have designed an enclosure for the compressor using state of the art sound insulation foam. This makes it a little easier on the ears.

We were not originally planning to ship the Mk5 with our new enclosure, however due to the delay of other parts we have been able to bring this forward. 


Revamped beds

The honeycomb bed has been expanded from 600*400mm to the maximum cutting area that the FabKit can offer.
In addition to this we have also strengthened the frame and improved upon the general design.

The FabBlades have also undergone a transformation: Now made from thinner stainless steel they offer a very small contact area and a huge air flow, making them a great choice for cutting thick and large materials.

The bed structure has been simplified, widened and strengthened, allowing more space for jigs and enabling a wider variety of attachments and beds in the future. 

The FabCreator AD350

For those who have ordered the BOFA AD350 filtration unit, we are excited to announce that we have managed to negotiate our own custom series.
The FabCreator AD350 now comes with a custom speed controller which allows the FabKit to directly control the speed of the extraction.
Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay. Hopefully we have provided you with lots of new information to keep you excited whilst you await shipping!
If you have any questions, remember you can always reach us via the web chat at www.fabcreator.com or email bonne@fabcreator.com

Kind regards,
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